Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Need a Script Writer

Why is it that I always think of what I should have said later, after it's too late? If only I had a script to use and always knew what to say and how to act. But no. For instance, last night we had some people coming to watch Cory in Peter Pan. A lot of the kids had already saved seats, but the front row was available so I grabbed some there, but then the girl who played Wendy needed some seats for her family. There was nothing available up close so I volunteered to move our seats, because our friends didn't really need front row. We did some rearranging of other seats to get her the ones she needed, then I went to put the tape I had peeled off the front row on some seats further back - basically the next available row on the aisle. It was a ways back, but simpler than trying to rearrange a bunch of other seats. That's when some woman I never saw before came rushing over and prevented me from putting my tape on the first seat. "Those are my seats!" Never mind that there was nothing on them. I told her that my kid is a senior, and seniors get priority, and she basically said "SO? These are my seats. I was just waiting on the tape." At that point I just got extremely frustrated and walked away. There may have been something about shoving a chair, too.

Looking back I wonder why I didn't just calmly explain to her that my kid is a senior, and he's playing one of the main parts in the play. What part is your kid playing? Not Wendy because I just moved off the front row so her family could sit there. Not Peter Pan because she has the first three rows on the other side. So, that means my kid has priority over your kid, and if I want to put my people here, you're just going to have to move back a row. But I didn't, I walked away, she got the seats and all I got was upset. Where was that script writer when I needed her?

Later I found out that this woman's child was a 3rd grader who was playing one of the Lost Boys, not even one of the main Lost Boys, just one of the extra Lost Boys, the ones that were only in the play to fill the stage or so their parents would come to the play. But, those parents did not deserve to reserve better seats than any of the kids who had actual, real roles in the play. I'm pretty sure this woman was aware of that, but she pretended not to, and I didn't explain it properly. Then again, it really frustrates me to explain the obvious to people.

Let's just face it - I am not a people person. I'm thinking I should move to a beach on oahu hawaii, make that a private beach, and avoid people altogether. Oh, and if you know more about Oahu than I do, don't disillusion me by telling me that I'd have to deal with people there, too. I just can't handle that right now.


  1. I hate when I do that,,,,, checkin in on ya... stop by.

  2. Can't move in Hawaii for people. On the other hand where I live you don't see people for days.
    Difficult to deal with a situation like that in public when one doesn't want to create a scene. Sometimes though it maybe necessary to make a scene.

  3. I'm just like you, always think of the perfect arguement/answers after the event!

    So annoying.

    I hate dealing with such pushy arrogant people though..


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