Friday, July 08, 2011

BabyOnTime App - ad

How about this? iPhone app for new parents, to remind them when to feed baby, change diapers, etc -

Edit: I was playing with MyLikes and just wanted to see what it would do if I let it post to my blog.  It just posted that short part at the top there.  I'm not thinking this is a good thing, though maybe it's just supposed to be a start - and then I'm supposed to do like this and edit the really short post it makes.  And maybe change the link?

Anyone use it?  I like it for tweeting, not so sure about posting to  my blog.

And, yes, I actually thought this app was interesting.  Beth has something like this for Android.  It helps her keep track of when and how much Jason eats, how much he sleeps, etc.  They didn't have anything like this when I had babies.