Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Stuff I Forgot

After I published my 'Tuesday Tidbits' post yesterday, I kept thinking about the things I forgot to include.  While I was enjoying the wonderful weather  yesterday and soaking up some sunshine, I had all kinds of things going through my head that I was going to include.  Except that I was reading while I was out on the deck, so it must have been while I was working in the kitchen...

Oh well, whenever it was, I really need to figure out how to hold onto all the stuff that goes through my head before it's gone forever.  Blogging is supposed to help, but I have to actually get it posted for that to help.  Maybe I could get some kind of voice recorder to carry around with me?  Or I could just start a new weekly post called "What I Forgot Wednesday" and include all the stuff I forget to post Tuesday?  I bet there's no such thing as blogger's disability insurance that I could start collecting because I'm just not able to keep up, is there?