Thursday, July 28, 2011


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We recently got DirecTV's Cinemaplus, which gives us all kinds of TV shows and movies on demand.  There's a whole list of exercise shows, most of them 10 minute workouts that focus on one thing or another.  I figured I'd try some of them, especially since it's been raining the past two mornings so I couldn't go for my walk.  But, really - how much of a workout can you really get in 10 minutes?

Come to find out, a lot!  I tried one workout last Friday after I got back from walking.  Usually I do some crunches, lift a few weights, and stretch after getting back from my walk, so I figured why not choose one of these workouts instead?  I did one for buns and thighs, and it felt pretty good, but, really - 10 minutes?  But boy was I sore the next morning!

Yesterday I did three different workouts, and today I'm really sore.  Of course, it's a good sore which tells me I actually did something, and it also tells me that I need to mix my workouts up a bit more and work different muscles.  I guess I'm just going to have to try out all the different workouts!
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