Thursday, February 09, 2012

Shopping with a Baby

I haven't shopped with a baby in years.  I forgot all the things you have to remember!

Beth got a new job and went back to work last week.  She's working for a new family and taking care of their three kids.  Once she gets to know the kids and they get to know her, she'll be able to take Jason - but for the first few times, she left him with me.  So I got to hang out with the little guy last Wednesday and again yesterday. (Beth will be working more than just one day a week, but it's probably good for me that it's only been one day a week while I'm babysitting.  I'm not used to having a little guy around, and I don't get anything done!)

Yesterday I decided to go to the store and pick up some groceries.  Jason's mommy said he loves to go shopping.  He's big enough to sit up in the cart now so he can look around and see everything that's going on.  So, I figured I'd at least get something done...

I just forgot how much more complicated it is with a little guy! 
  • Not only do I have to carry in my purse, coupons, and reusable shopping bags, I also have to carry a baby, diaper and changing pad, some toys, and... well, I'm sure there was more.  It seemed like it anyway!
  • He can't really wear his coat in the carseat because it's so bulky - so I had to unstrap him, try to get his coat on before pulling him out of the van - and then grab all the stuff.
  • Then I grabbed a cart from the parking lot cart corral and put Jason and everything into it - only to discover there was only one side to the strap.  So we had to transfer to another cart when we got into the store.  But first we had to turn around and go back halfway to the van when I realized he no longer had his binky in his mouth.  No, he'd dropped it on the ground.
  • With a little guy in the cart, there's nowhere to put my purse, coupons and shopping bags - unless I want to put them next to him and let him get into them.  Not a good idea.
  • So I put everything I normally put in the baby seat into the main part of the cart - and that left very little room for the stuff I wanted to buy, so I had to get creative re-arranging.
  • He did enjoy shopping and flirted with everybody he saw.  If they didn't pay him any attention, he just hollered to get their attention - and then gave them his big smile, which they of course couldn't help returning.  I guess he's used to being the center of attention!
  • Toys, shopping list, coupon wallet - anything I gave him to hold would first go into his mouth and then onto the floor, if I didn't catch it first.  And, of course, he wanted to hold everything.
  • It probably took twice as long as normal to get what I wanted to get - mostly because of the getting into the store and getting back out and loaded back up into the van.  And he did not want to get back into that car seat!  But did I stop at one store like a smart person?  No, I had to go and do it all over again at another store!  Except I forgot the reusable shopping bags...  Then again, I forget to take those in even when I don't have a little guy with me.
I'm not sure I want to make this a regular event. It was nice to have a little guy to talk to (and kiss on) while shopping - just a bit more complicated.  I can't believe I used to go shopping with three little people!  Granted two of them were 6 and 4, so they were big enough to walk - but that's a whole different challenge.

I do think I was a lot more popular while shopping with a baby than I am without him.  Then again, that was probably just Jason...  I just happened to be with him.

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  1. I've not been shopping with Jacob yet but I have been looking after him now and again. Like you, I can't believe I how I managed when I had 3 little ones of my own, I'm finding it quite exhausting now!


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