Thursday, February 02, 2012

Simone France - Review

I was contacted by the people from Simone France skincare and asked if I'd like to try their products.  They had me fill out a skin care analysis form to determine the right products.  They sent me what they call 'The Sandwich' - their signature skin care treatment that includes moisturizer, scrub, and soap in combination.

There are several steps involved, but they sent very clear instructions along with the products, and after about 4 days I didn't even have to refer to them anymore!  Once I got used to it, it really didn't take much time at all.  The evening process was even simpler, using their Rich Milk and Toner.

They said that I would see and feel a difference from the first time I used it, but I have to say I really didn't.  If anything, I thought I saw more fine lines around my eyes - but that's probably because I was looking harder!  I continued using it - except for the week we were gone at the end of December because there were just too many products for traveling light - and then went right back to using the products when I got back home.  I really didn't see a huge difference over what I was already using.

Not that I don't like the products.  I do.  They don't have any kind of obnoxious scent, and they don't have any adverse effects.  I like the soap - I haven't used soap to wash my face in forever, and following the Simone France instructions lets me use it without drying out my face.  I like the scrub, and I'm sure it's better for my skin than what I was using.  The moisturizer (Lovely Glow) is thicker and richer than what I was using before and sometimes can seem a bit greasy, but I haven't noticed any dry skin since I started using it, at least not after the first few days.  They sent me a small sample of their French Formula moisturizer, which is for really dry skin, but that was definitely too heavy.  I tried it after the first couple days with the other one, when I was still feeling a bit dry, but I didn't like it at all.  They say that if you are concerned about preventing lines and wrinkles, the richest moisturizer your skin can take is best.  My skin is usually quite dry in the winter, but I guess not that dry.

I will continue to use these products until they are gone.  I would buy them - if they were sold in my local store for about the same price as the products I am currently using.  But they're not, and even though there are plenty of glowing reviews on the site so I know these products work really well for a lot of people, I just can't bring myself to spend the money.  I would have to see really a dramatic difference to justify the difference in cost.  As an on-line company,  they work closely with all their customers to make sure they have the right regimen for their individual needs.  Everyone can get an in-depth analysis to help find the right products, and they freely exchange products when necessary if an adjustment is needed.  I did not work with anyone beyond my original analysis, just used the products they sent me based on the information I gave them in the first place, so maybe there was some little change that would have given me that dramatic result, and I just didn't take advantage of it.

If you're looking for some better skincare products, do check them out.  Like I said, there are many glowing reviews of the products and the company on the website, so they may be just what you're looking for.  If you're used to spending more than $10 on your skincare and not getting the results you want, then I'd say definitely check them out.  New customers can get 10% off by entering code FT108 at checkout, and signing up for their newsletter gives access to special sales and free gifts with purchase.

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  1. Simone France Is Good My Mom Uses It I See It In The Bathroom And It Smells Good.


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