Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thoughts on Valentine's Day

Beth posted this on facebook:

It's nice to see she learned a thing or two from me!  I don't really care that much about the chocolate, but it's impossible for me to pay full price for something I know is gonna be half off tomorrow.  Sounds like some of that cheapness rubbed off on Beth.

If your sweetie pays full price for chocolate, does it mean he loves you more?  I think not!  And does it really mean he loves you just because he buys you something on a day that somebody else decided is the day?

Maybe Valentine's Day is a day for those people who wouldn't declare their love or show it in any way - unless somebody told them they have to.  But does doing something just because you have to really mean anything?

Maybe I do need that chocolate after all... 

I can wait until tomorrow.