Monday, June 25, 2012

Close the Bag!

Our basement smelled like dirty cat litter this weekend.  Considering we have too many cats in the house and three litter boxes down there, you'd think that's a normal thing.  It's not. The litter boxes get cleaned out every day.  (For some reason it seems like I'm the one who ends up doing it.  Remember all those years ago when we first got Tillie and Beth promised to take care of her?  And she also promised to take care of things when she moved back in with her two cats.)  And the Tidy Cats Multiple Cat clumping litter seems to work really well.

So why did the basement smell bad this weekend?  When we had friends over to spend the night and I would like the house to be nice?  Well, I didn't figure it out until yesterday when I went to clean out the litter boxes.  We keep a bucket with a plastic bag in it next to the litter boxes.  Everything gets scooped into the bag.  The clumping litter makes it really easy.  But here's where the problem comes in - the stuff that gets scooped out of the litter boxes is the bad stuff, the stinky stuff, the stuff we don't want to see and/or smell - and somebody had cleaned the litter boxes out and left the plastic bag wide open, letting the smell waft out through the basement.  It's a simple fix really - just make sure the bag is closed, and keep the smell in. I closed the bag.  It took care of the problem.

Even if we hadn't been doing it that way for ages - keeping the bag closed in between cleanings and taking it out when it gets full - it seems pretty obvious.  Doesn't it? 
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