Monday, June 04, 2012

Kids Bowl Free all Summer Long

Now that school is about over for the year, moms everywhere are dreading those two words - "I'm Bored"

Yep, the kids are so excited for summer vacation.  No getting up early.  No classes.  No homework.  Nothing to do.  It's all good for the first day or two, and then boredom sets in.

AMF has the answer!  Kids bowl free all summer long!  That means now through September 3, kids 15 and under can bowl two free games every day.  Free bowling is available 7 days a week until 8pm. All you have to do is visit the AMF Summer Unplugged page, find a participating location, and fill out the simple registration form.  Every week they'll email you vouchers for two free games for each child per day.  Whether you go every day or just a time or two during the summer, it's a great deal and a great way to beat the heat and the boredom.

And if you want to bowl too - because it's more fun that way! - or if your kids are older than 15, AMF has a deal for you too.  For only $29.95 you can purchase a Summer Pass that enables you and up to 3 family members 16 and up to bowl 2 games every day all summer long.

Note: I was planning to post this earlier, as part of a campaign through One2One Network, and I would have been entered to win some kind of prizes for doing it.  But I was thinking I had more time - for some reason the wrong date got stuck in my head, and I just kept putting it off.  So I will not be eligible to win anything, but I still wanted to let you know about this - in case you haven't heard about it on the radio or seen it somewhere else online.  I love free (or very cheap) entertainment!  And I strongly believe in getting out and doing things with the kids as much as possible - enjoy them while they're young and make memories.  Plus, now that smoking is not allowed indoors (at least here in Wisconsin), it's actually possible for families to go bowling together without worrying about all that nasty smoke.  I always thought bowling should be a family activity, but unfortunately the smokers did their best to discourage that!  Not anymore!!

I'm just wishing my kids weren't all grown up and off doing their own things and living their own lives, because I'd love to include bowling in our summer activities.
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