Thursday, August 02, 2012

#HelloBetter - Hello, US Cellular

US Cellular recently conducted a survey to find out how dissatisfied people are with their wireless providers.  What percentage of people do you think are dissatisfied?  Go ahead.  Take a guess - I'll wait.

Did you get it right?  Are you one of those dissatisfied customers?  Not me.  I like my wireless carrier.  I've got US Cellular! 

We've been US Cellular customers forever - or at least as long as we've had cell phones.  We just can't see any reason to switch.  We get good phones, great Plans, great customer service, and we get a signal practically everywhere (except in my Mom & Dad's house) - even when everyone else is complaining that they can't get a signal.

We've got a Family Plan with US Cellular, which means we all share our Anytime minutes.  Calls after 7pm and on weekends (and usually holidays) are FREE and don't count against those Anytime minutes.  That's not all - all incoming calls are FREE and mobile-to-mobile calls, too so it never costs us to call each other or anyone with a US Cellular phone.  We don't have any roaming charges either; nationwide coverage is included.  Text and picture messages?  Those are included in our plan now, but even when they weren't, the only messages we had to pay for were the ones that we actually sent.  All incoming texts and pictures are always FREE.  It doesn't make sense that carriers can charge you for something that you have no real control over, but I've heard the other carriers do.  That can really add up if you've got teenagers sending and receiving texts and you're paying for them going both ways.  Thankfully we were never hit by a huge cell phone bill because of that, but I know a few people that were. You know how much I hate spending money if I don't have to!

US Cellular also recently introduced their Rewards Program that lets us earn points towards new phones, accessories, early upgrades and more.  They can also be used for overage forgiveness - not that I can imagine a need for that with so much included in the Plans, but it is an option.  Earning Rewards Points is easy.  You get them for doing things you do anyway, like paying your bill and having a birthday.  We should be able to get a FREE phone with our points next time one of us is eligible for an upgrade, and that's really worth something.  US Cellular gives us a 5% discount every month just for paying our bill automatically every month.  Never worry about a late payment and save money at the same time - what's not to like?

I'm sure there are other reasons we like US Cellular, like the fact that they don't give better deals to new customers than they do to current customers - don't you hate companies that do that? - but I can't really think of them right now.  The important thing is that I can't think of any reasons to be dissatisfied.  If you've been dissatisfied with your provider, US Cellular would like to introduce you to something better.  What's stopping you from switching? Do these reasons sound familiar?

Now through August 12, you can get up to $300 when you switch to US Cellular - $100 smartphone activation credit and $200 for trading in a qualifying smart phone.  That should help with the cost of getting out of the contract with your old carrier, if that's your reason.  Oh, and about those contracts?  After your first 2-year contract with US Cellular, you never have to sign another one.  I love this - not that I really mind a contract with them because I have no plans to switch, but because it says they plan to keep their customers by giving them what they want and treating them right, not by locking them into contracts.  What they will do is give you additional Rewards points every 6 months you stay with them.  And give you good service and coverage.

Anyway, do check out US Cellular.  We've been extremely happy with them.  If you do decide to switch, let me know, and I'll see if I can figure out how to give you a referral.  Yes, we get points for referring friends, too, but I'd suggest you check them out even without the promise of points.

Note: This is part of a sponsored post campaign for One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.