Monday, August 20, 2012

He's Not Handling the Break-Up Well

What's the appropriate amount of time to wait after a break-up before jumping into bed with the guy's good friend/brother?  A week?  Two weeks?  A month? 

And then, when the guy becomes enraged and threatens to hurt someone or himself - and does hurt himself and causes some damage to some other things  - that's all on him, right?  He's just unstable and isn't handling the break-up well.  The other two - people who supposedly cared about him - aren't at all responsible for his actions.  Why can't he just handle the situation like a normal human being?


What kind of normal human being dates a guy, lives with him, sleeps with him, has his kid, tells him she loves him, co-signs a car lease, seems to be planning a future with him, etc. and then breaks up with him and weeks later (days later? Who knows; she lied about the whole thing) starts screwing around with the guy he considered his brother?  And of course makes sure he knows it - rubs it right in his face.  She pushes all the buttons, pushes him over the edge, and then...

Nope, she's not responsible for his actions at all.  They're not together any more.  (Not excusing him for his actions, but really - what's a guy supposed to do with that?  What would the appropriate response be?  Is there an appropriate response?  And is there any guy who could deal with the situation and not lose it?)

Oh,wow.  I just have to say that, until now, I always thought there was goodness in my daughter.  Though she always hated to show it, I always knew it was deep inside there somewhere.  Now, I'm not so sure.  She's just acting like such a hard-hearted, cruel little tramp.  But, of course, there is no talking to her.  She's innocent.  Like always.