Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Keep Pace with Traffic

I'm going through some old school papers today and getting rid of stuff we don't need anymore.  Truth be told, we haven't needed them in quite a while, but ...

I found the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Motorists' Handbook that Cory got when he was taking Drivers' Ed. Here's something that people, at least in this state, are taught when learning to drive:
Keep pace with traffic: If you are driving faster than other traffic, you will need to keep passing others.  Each time you pass someone, there is a greater chance for a collision.  The vehicle you are passing may change lanes or, on a two-lane road, an oncoming vehicle may suddenly appear.  Slow down and keep pace with other traffic.  Speeding does not save more than a few minutes for each hour of driving.
and here's the important part, the part that so many drivers do not seem to know:
Going much slower than other vehicles can be just as bad as speeding.  It is dangerous and you can be ticketed for impeding traffic.  It tends to make vehicles bunch up behind you and causes other traffic to pass you.  If vehicles are lined up behind you, pull over when safe to do so and let them pass. You should either drive faster or consider using a road with slower posted speeds.
I guess that's just another of those things we all learn in school and then forget.  But I do wish those slow drivers would just get out of my way!

Here's a very interesting discussion on slow drivers in the left lane.  Like most of the commenters seem to be saying, it's just common sense and common courtesy - and the best way to keep traffic moving - but there are people that just refuse to get it.