Friday, September 21, 2012

Is Anybody Looking?

I feel like I need to keep the house nice at all times - just in case somebody wants to come look at it.  Of course, I also feel like that's impossible, because I live here.  So I just feel like I'm continually straightening up but getting nowhere.  And nobody is looking anyway.

So far we've had a couple people actually come look at the house, the first weekend after it was listed.  Then we had an open house a couple weeks later, and some people came through.  After that, nothing.

We finally got some information from the realtor, and it looks like people are looking at the website, but for whatever reason, they aren't actually coming to look at the house.  I think it looks pretty good in the pictures, and if I was planning to move to this area, it would be one I'd want to look at.  Is that just because it's my house and I like it?  I guess I might be biased.

Maybe there's something we don't have that people are really looking for, like a double sink bathroom vanity, or maybe a dishwasher, so they're looking at other houses instead.  Of course, those things can be fixed, if they like the rest of the house, right?  At least that's the way I'm trying to think when I look at houses for us.  It might even be fun to shop online for a new bathroom vanity or maybe a kitchen island, something to make the house their own.

The realtor suggested maybe lowering the price already.  But first I'd like to get a little more information, like why he thinks people aren't looking.  Is anybody actually looking at houses in town? Which houses are they looking at?  Are they looking at the houses that are listed at a lower price?  Are they looking at houses that have features our house doesn't have?  A realtor should be able to tell us that kind of stuff, right? 

And remember, we may not have a double sink bathroom vanity, but we have a very nice house, so if you or anyone you know is thinking about moving to Eagle, Wisconsin - be sure to look at my house!