Thursday, September 06, 2012

It's Times Like These that I Really Need a Man

English: Unknown house spider crawling through...
Unknown house spider crawling through the bathroom. Seattle WA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I was in my bathroom this evening.  I dried my hands on the hand towel, and then my face. And that's when a spider came crawling out of one side of the towel and quickly crawled right back in.  A spider.  Seriously.  What was a spider doing in the towel?

This wasn't some wimpy little spider either.  It was a big brown one.

This is when I would usually scream, leave the room, and get one of the guys to take care of that nasty spider.  Except there are no men in the house.  Jeffrey is gone during the week working at his new job, and Cory went back to college.  The only guy in the house is Jason, and he's already in bed - not that he'd be any help in this case.

So I sucked it up, went and got the fly swatter, and then I grabbed a corner of that towel and shook the spider out of the towel and into the sink.  And I killed him with that fly swatter.  And washed him down the drain by running the hot water for several minutes.  Can't have him crawling back out of that drain, now can we?

Now I'm just all crawly.  You know how after you see a bug or a spider, you keep feeling something crawling in your hair and across your body, even though there's nothing there.  Ughhh.  And I'm wondering if it's safe to use any of my towels without first shaking them out, just to make sure there's not a spider hiding inside.
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