Saturday, September 15, 2012

Vipre Antivirus

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I've been using Vipre Antivirus on my computer for a while now.  It was really easy to download and install right from their website.  Here's a screenshot from my computer while I was installing it:

Vipre is being installed

There was a lot of helpful information as Vipre installed, and then it did a quick scan of my computer while i was installing.  I don't guess it found anything, because it said something like, "you rock." when it got done, and then I got to start using the software.

Along with installation comes the option to join ThreatNet, a worldwide network of thousands of VIPRE Antivirus, and VIPRE Internet Security users sharing and identifying potentially dangerous program files (both through manual submissions and automatically), resulting in the blocking of new malware almost as quickly as it is released into the wild.  Unknown risks can be automatically sent as soon as they are detected, allowing VIPRE to add them to definition updates and protect users from new malware.  I joined because I want to do everything in my power to stop viruses and malware before they cause problems.  Since I have no idea how or why they work, this at least is something I can do.

One of the things I like best about Vipre is the ability to schedule regular scans of my computer.  If I have to remember to scan every week - or however often I want my computer scanned - I probably won't do it, because I'm going to be busy using my computer for other things - and I usually remember about as soon as I shut the computer down for the night.  By scheduling it to scan automatically, I don't have to think about it again, but I know my computer is being checked for all the bad stuff.  Vipre is supposed to work without using a lot of system resources, so it's possible to scan the computer while also using it for other things.  I still like to set it up to scan overnight, at a time when I'm not using the computer, and I like that there's a box to check to shutdown computer after scan - so, just because I'm scanning at bedtime, that doesn't mean my computer has to run all night.

I have run a couple scans while I was using my computer for other things, and I really did not notice that it slowed my computer down.  I love that, because I've had other antivirus programs that pretty much made it impossible to do anything else while a scan was running - which is why I just started setting it up to scan when I was in bed.

Of course there's also the Active Protection which looks for and catches things in real time, which I think is the most important part of any anti-virus program.  If you're like me, you spend a lot of time online, interacting on facebook and other social media sites.  While there are a lot of positives, there are always risks that clicking the wrong link can invite a virus onto your computer.  I try to be really careful and don't click questionable links, but you can never be too careful, and it's so very important to have a program that is looking out for you. Vipre also comes with free US-based technical support.  You know what that means - when you call with a problem, you'll be able to understand what they're trying to tell you!

Be sure to check out Vipre for yourself.  You can find out all about the features and what it can do for you on the website and

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