Sunday, April 07, 2013

Home Renovations Make a House Your Own

Once again we spent another Sunday watching shows about home renovations. And by watching I mean having the shows on in the background while we went around our business, which on Sunday includes going through the ads in paper to see if there's anything we 'need' and cleaning up the kitchen and the rest of the house which just seems to get so messy on the weekends.  I usually end up watching the beginning of a show to see what they have to work with, and then I try to see the end to see the transformation.

These shows get me thinking it would be fun to find a fixer-upper, hire somebody who knows what they're doing like renovations toronto company Woodsmith, and get a great house for a great price.  Except that the prices for those houses on the shows are usually outrageous considering all the work that needs to be done, but I know that's all about where the houses are located.

It always ends up being a better price than buying the house that already has everything they want, and the final result is just as good if not better.  I'd say better just because the homeowners or home buyers get to choose all the fun things like cabinets, countertops, flooring, bathroom fixtures, etc. instead of having to live with what the previous owners may have chosen.  That's probably the part that appeals to me most.  We've had both of our houses built, and we got to choose carpet colors, paint colors, cabinets and everything else.  It wasn't high-end, but it was what we could afford at the time, and we got to choose.  Then, as we could afford to do it, and as things wore out or needed updated, we did our own home renovations and improvements - putting ceramic tile in the kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms, for instance, and making our house what we want.  Not to mention all the changes to the exterior after the tornado.

That was the hard part about looking at houses and thinking about moving.  The people that owned those houses had either used a local builder, like Woodsmith home builders toronto for those in the Toronto area, or spent their time fixing up and personalizing their houses, and usually the choices they'd made were not the choices we would have made.  Like painting every single room a different bright color.  What's up with that?  Thankfully, repainting isn't a huge deal, but other things like flooring that needs redone or ugly cabinets or countertops that need replaced would take a bit more time and money.  If the purchase price is right, there should be money in the budget to do some renovations and make the house our own.  At least that's what I get out of all these shows.  It's possible to have the house you want for the price you want to pay, if you have the right people to help you.