Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Who Let the Dogs Out?

I have cats.  For my last post I needed a picture of a dog, so I put out a request on facebook yesterday asking for dog pictures I could use.  I ended up using a picture of my friend Alli's dog Liberty and a picture of a cute dog that showed up at my friend Mary's house one day.  BUT, I had several other friends share pictures of their dogs, and I just couldn't leave them out.

So, here are some pictures of some cute dogs - and one cute kid - for your enjoyment.

from my friend Lori

My adorable niece Sammi (on top of a dog)
shared by her daddy

A cool dog and a mouse - shared by Craig

My friend Melissa's dog

and my friend Susan's 'monsters'
Don't they have it tough?

Thanks to everyone who shared their dogs with me!