Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm Not Used to Having a Little Guy Around

Jason spent the night last night, and most of today.  While I love having the little sweetie around, I realize that I'm not used to having a little guy around.  I have to watch him all the time.

Before his mommy left him, she said something about giving him a bath.  After dinner I checked the diaper bag to see if there was any baby shampoo - because I don't have any, not having babies in my house.  I found the shampoo, pulled it of the diaper bag, and set it on the end table next to the diaper bag.  Then I walked into the bathroom to see about getting it ready for a little boy's bath.

Don't ask me why I didn't just take the shampoo with me, but I didn't.  I was only gone for a very short time, but when I stepped back into the living room, I found a little boy playing in a puddle of baby shampoo on the floor.  In that short time, he had gotten the lid off the bottle - it's the kind of lid I always have trouble getting off when I want to, so how did he manage it so quickly?  Oh yeah, I am not used to having a little guy around.  (NOT complaining, mind you!)

I quickly took the open bottle of shampoo away from him, sopped up as much of the shampoo as I could with a washcloth, and ran the boy a bath, using the washcloth full of shampoo to make it a bubble bath.  Oh, and I put some bubble bath in, too.  Then I stripped the little guy down and put him in the tub, and used some of that shampoo to wash his head.

Then I let him play for a while. He had fun with the washcloth, the cup, and the ball, and he really seemed to like the bubbles. I just hung out with him and took some pictures.   Is there anything as adorable as a little person in the tub?

Maybe that same little person all wrapped up in a towel after the tub...