Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Walmart Doesn't Ad Match Anymore. What?

One of Walmart's most positive features has always been the fact that they will match competitor's ads. Why run all over town to do your shopping when you can just get everything (for the best prices) under one roof?

Ad Match

Imagine my surprise when I get to the checkout at my local Walmart last night to find out that they are no longer matching ads at the cash register. Seriously? When did that happen? Only last month according to our cashier, but still I guess I haven't been doing much shopping recently (I haven't) because I had no idea this was even coming.

We went to Menard's last night to pick up a couple toilet seats, because a couple of ours just broke - of course not last week when Menard's was running their 11% rebate on everything, or any one of those many previous weeks of 11% on everything. (Did anyone else think Menard's was just going to do the 11% back rebate from now on? It certainly seemed like it for a bit.) But, anyway, our toilet seats wait until there's no sale and no rebate, and then they break.

Since we were out anyway, I figured it was a good chance to grab a few things we needed and not have to go out another day. Meijer had some produce in their ad that I really wanted to get, and since Meijer is right by Menard's it just made sense. But I needed to go to Walmart too to grab some Borax and baking soda for the laundry (because Walmart always has the best price on those), so I decided that it would save time if I just took the Meijer ad to Walmart. I could grab the Borax and baking soda and the produce - and only have to go to one store. Which, in the past, would have worked perfectly - but now Walmart doesn't match competitor's ads.

So, instead of saving time, it actually took more time because we had to drive back to Meijer to get the stuff I thought I could get at Walmart.
When I asked the cashier about the new policy, he said that Walmart wants people to use their Savings Catcher. I've been using that for a while. If something I buy happens to be on sale at another store, Walmart lets me know and gives me a credit. Nice, huh? Except that there are a lot things that aren't included, produce being one of them. (and quite a few other things I've price matched in the past)
Savings Catcher currently does NOT apply to:
  • Any food, consumables, or health & wellness items that do not meet the eligibility criteria above (See section “Does Savings Catcher compare all items on my receipt?”)
  • Items purchased and paid for with WIC benefits
  • Produce
  • Items sold in the Bakery department
  • Fresh or variable weight meat
  • Items sold in the Deli department
  • Seafood
  • General merchandise items including, but not limited to, outdoor living consumables (such as such as fertilizer and bug spray), office supplies, apparel, DVD’s, electronics, CD and gaming media, toys, housewares, small appliances, sporting goods, home décor, bedding, books and magazines, shoes, jewelry, furniture and seasonal products
  • Non-branded items
  • Tobacco, alcohol, firearms, gasoline, tires, prescription drugs, optical and photo products and services, or products that require a service agreement such as wireless, automotive or financial products
Source: Savings Catcher FAQs

I did a bit of research today to see if I could find any info on this annoying policy change. It looks like not all Walmarts have stopped ad matching, but that doesn't mean they won't all soon follow. The Penny Hoarder has a list of Walmart stores who have stopped ad-matching along with a request for readers to let them know if their local Walmarts have changed policy. (I submitted mine!)

Is your Walmart on the list? If so, how annoyed are you?