Monday, September 10, 2018

Are You Considering a Piano for Your Home?

Did you have a piano as a child? Many homes had pianos in the living area where children would take piano lessons each week. At one time Beth thought she would like to learn to play the piano, but we didn't have a piano and didn't know where we would put one if we did. I guess we should have done a bit more research...


Pianos Fit in a Variety of Places - There are several places that you might not think of to place a piano, even if your home is small. Do you have a two-story home with a staircase in the entryway? Often, this is a great place to put a piano. The stairs generally have a space on one side that is large enough for a standard piano.

Replace a table in the foyer with a piano. Many times the tables used in these areas are similar in size to a small piano. Unless you have a large home, you do not necessarily need a grand piano. There are a variety of sizes and styles that will fit quite nicely in smaller spaces. Main Street Music, a popular boston music store, can help you find the perfect style for your space.

Benefits of Owning a Piano - Although you may not have considered it yet, a piano can be a welcome addition for all family members. You have fond memories of playing when you were a child. A piano can help your children create these memories as well. Even if they are not interested in learning, odds are that they will enjoy listening to you play.

Children that are interested in learning will not only develop an appreciation for music, but it is thought that learning to play piano helps with concentration. Learning to play piano can help with cognitive development, such as thinking, memory, and attention. It has also been suggested that students that learn to play have improved mathematics skills.

A piano can be a wonderful addition to your home even if you only play occasionally. It can be a place for the family to gather and spend quality time when the world today is so rushed. You and your family can make memories that will last a lifetime and be handed down to the next generation.