Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Preparing for the Unexpected

No, this post is not about preparing for Hurrican Florence, though that would be pretty timely, wouldn't it? However, I've only been through one hurricane (sort of) when Nate came in while we were in Florida last fall. He mostly missed us, but we did get quite a bit of wind and rain, and those waves were the biggest I've ever seen in the Gulf.  But, I digress...

It would be an understatement to say that life is full of surprises. This is especially true if you are a parent. Whether there are one or more children in the house, life always seems to be interesting, to say the least. Those kids certainly know how to keep us on our toes.

readingNo, we can't predict the future, but there are a few things we can do to be prepared when the unexpected occurs.

Reading Material - No matter the age, parents are often chauffering children to various events for school and other extracurricular activities. Consider placing some special books in your vehicle that your children like to read or do not see very often. Although children may not appreciate a commute, they may like reading a book while on the go where they can learn about dinosaurs, big game skirted trolling lures, or other information that they find interesting. For younger children, be sure to include picture books on topics that they like, such as animals, colors or people.

Water BottleSnacks and Drinks - Children always seem to be hungry, and this seems especially true right after a meal. It's certainly true for my grandson Jason. How does he go from being 'so full' at dinner to being 'hungry' 5 minutes later? Regardless of whether the inquiries for a snack are genuine or not, it's a good idea for parents to have a few snacks readily available. Some prepackaged snacks are perfect for the ride home after a practice for band or a sport. Premade snacks are wonderful when at home and children need something immediately. When it comes to drinks, encourage your children to drink plenty of water. Juices and other bottled beverages can be fine, but be aware of the sugar content.

Although life is always surprising, a little preparation can help you be ready for whatever comes your way. Snacks and drinks can be ready for growing children. Commutes and other travels can be improved when a book is in the vehicle. The end result is that parents, family members, and friends are ready for the unexpected.

-- so I just read through this post, which was written for me; I just did some editing. Sometimes the sentences are just so awkward... Honestly, there is some good information here, but the basic premise is just wrong. Yes, we should be prepared, but, these things are not unexpected. Of course, kids are going to get bored in the car if they don't have anything to do, and of course, they always want something to eat. The only thing unexpected would be a parent who doesn't know that and has done nothing to be prepared...