Thursday, September 13, 2018

An Alternative to Public Education

Teachers, principals, administrators, and parents everywhere know all too well that the United States' public education system has seriously declined over the past few decades. Despite the fact that the United States is home to the world's greatest economy, so many of its public schools are terrible.
It seems that less and less federal and state money is earmarked for education. School budgets are whittled down to the bare minimum making it harder and harder to maintain high standards, and the students pay the price.
Parents of students across all 50 states have enrolled their kids in Montessori schools more and more frequently over the years. But what is a Montessori school? What benefits do these alternative forms of education offer?

Montessori Schools Can Help Children Socialize

Traditional public schools in the United States - and across the globe, for that matter - have largely segregated students based on ages. Kids in any given grade are rarely one year older or younger than one another. As such, children only learn to communicate with their same-aged peers - not much of a growth opportunity there.

Montessori schools pack up to 30 students in one classroom; here's the catch - they're largely different ages. Such an environment can really help children of all ages mature more quickly and boost their communication skills.

These Systems Help Raise Free Thinkers

Unlike regular schools, Montessori programs encourage kids to think on their own - humming to the tune of everybody else's songs isn't necessarily a good thing. While this might not prepare students for close-knit traditional workplaces, Montessori graduates have been shown to be more entrepreneurial than their counterparts.

Montessori en famille, vie sensorielleStudents Are Happier

Far too many students aren't excited to go to school in today's world. However, the same can't be said about Montessori programs. Kids are allowed to be more free, independent, and do their own things.

With more than 2,000 of these schools spread across the United States, a quick search on your phone for "a Montessori preschool near me" should find one in your area.