Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Growing Closer To God As Women

As a woman who attends church, you likely know that fellowship with other women is important in your walk with the Lord. If there isn't a program at your church, there are a few ways that you can start a Christian women's fellowship so that classes can be offered as well as activities that bring everyone closer together.

Women's Bible Studies Sign UpThe first thing that you should do is define the type of ministry that you want to start. It could be one where you come together to pray over other people, to go through a Bible study series, or even to learn how to do something new, such as a craft, while learning about the Lord.

Think about whether you can lead the group or whether you should ask someone who has been walking with God longer than you have or who is in a better position to lead the group. You want the women to be successful, and if they can't relate to the woman who is leading, then they likely won't get any kind of blessing from the ministry.
Try to make a calendar of events that spans the course of a few months. Arrange a few special activities that include other members of the church as well as a few activities where the women can spend time alone together. Ideas include dinners that you can prepare together or collections that involve gathering items to donate to an organization in the community.

Make a plan that you can present to the church. Although allowing women to sign up for the ministry is an option, you should keep the ministry open to all women who want to be involved and who want to grow. Listen to the advice of others, and seek the assistance of other ministry leaders so that you can be the woman who the Lord wants you to be and who the women of your church need.