Thursday, January 24, 2019

25 Things Peggy Said About Me Once

I was looking for a post on my old livejournal, and I came across this fun list. It still makes me smile even (almost) 10 years later.

25 Things Peggy Said About Me - originally published in March 2009

About a month ago I was working on doing that 25 random things list on Facebook. I was having some problems coming up with my list, so my friend Peggy helped me out. Of course, I didn't open my email until after I had already finished my list, or I could have saved myself all kinds of work. Just for fun I've been meaning to post her list too - just finally getting around to it.

Peggy's 25 things about Anna: (any comments by me in RED - because Peggy hates red, and I'm just that kind of friend)
  1. does laundry on Mondays--- if I don’t do laundry on Mondays the whole week is shot! Or, Monday is the day I spend with my favorite Washer and Dryer. Monday is my workout day, 20 times up and down the stairs to do laundry.
  2. For years thousands of people have relied on my team (my friends and I) to keep their kid’s school activities straight— I have had a large part in the set up of the printed calendar that the school system sends out to the community. (this one needs work)
  3. I am addicted to blogging, I have 4 of my own and have helped ? number of my friends and family set up theirs. I just can’t help myself, they’re free! (LOL! - love that free comment)
  4. frugality is my life, I refuse to pay full price for anything!
  5. I can account for every penny earned and spent in this house since 19?? Receipts rule!! (not quite)
  6. I see no redeeming purpose in dogs, but cats are the coolest! (Well, Tillie is the sweetest, anyway)
  7. I have two amazing kids….. oh, and a husband that isn’t bad either.
  8. I have walked across America. Or , I walk 2 miles every morning, ? days a week. so I estimate that I have walked --- (pick one) across america, to austrailia and back, halfway around the world and my goal in life is to make it around the world. (LOL!)
  9. I have walked ? miles in my current pair of walking shoes. 
  10. frugality is my life, I refuse to pay full price for anything!
  11. I have made some of the coolest websites on the internet or, I love to make website/pages and have designed, or helped design many websites. Here are a few you can check out: etc
  12. I have naturally curly hair, I like it short, Jeff likes it long--- I indulge him sometimes. (I wouldn't exactly call it curly - just thick and wavy, I guess)
  13. I have a coupon for everything
  14. I am the queen of rebates
  15. I live with a man who hoards Jack Daniels and won’t share. (
  16. I see no real purpose for the existence of sugar
  17. I rarely shower alone (on the weekends)
  18. If you are going to argue with your husband, you should get naked first
  19. I often wonder why anyone would put a white plastic spoon in the spaghetti sauce
  20. if you come to visit me at my house, bring slippers
  21. Jeff is making me a pergola (I think he's making it for himself, but I'll enjoy it too)
  22. live life in the sun is my motto---air conditioning is evil
  23. I have 3 brothers and really cool parents (yes, I do!)
  24. there is my way of doing things, and the wrong way.
  25. I have this great friend who can’t remember how to do anything in Photoshop, but writes really cool things about me. (LOL!)
See, that was fun, wasn't it? It was fun for me, anyway.
Some of the things haven't changed much - I still do laundry on Mondays; I still walk every weekday; Jeffrey has even more Jack Daniel's; Peggy still needs help with Photoshop.