Monday, January 28, 2019

Let's Play a Game

I found this game several years ago, on a blog that no longer exists. Well, it exists, but it's owned by someone entirely different and written in another language, so I won't be reading it any time soon.  At least I got this game.

It's called One Degree of Separation. It's fun, but only if you play along.

Here's how it works:
  • The first person (in this case me because this is my blog) picks an actor or an actress.
  • The second person (1st commenter) names a movie that actor has been in.
  • The next person names another actor from that movie.
  • and then the next person names another movie that the 2nd actor has appeared in.
Popcorn- Movie Time!
Actor, movie, actor, movie, actor, and so on. This can go on and on. (Unfortunately, that song is going through my head now. Extra points if you can guess which song I mean; I'm sure my kids know)

A note: Using IMDB is not considered cheating, but do try to come up with your own first. Grab your popcorn and play along!

First actor: Bradley Cooper