Tuesday, February 19, 2019

They Could've Told the Kid

This young man is doing a good thing. He decided to walk almost 100 miles in hopes of raising at least $10,000 for the Tyler Trent’s Cancer Research Endowment, which funds cancer research at the Purdue University Center of Cancer Research.

The news team filmed him on Sunday. Anybody see anything wrong with this video?

There he is - walking on a busy road, planning to walk 100 miles along busy roads - with earbuds in his ears and his back to traffic. And the news crew talks to him and films him walking along - and nobody bothers to tell him that he's on the wrong side of the road.

Does nobody know that you're supposed to walk facing traffic? That bright yellow vest is good, but it's not going to warn him if a distracted driver starts to get a little too close. Being able to actually see the cars that are coming toward you is important for your safety.

I haven't heard any different, so I'm assuming that Aaron made it to Bloomington tonight - they showed a bit of the video on the news again this evening and said he was running a bit behind so he had to do some running to make up time. Thankfully he's safe, and he raised quite a bit of money for cancer research. (if you're interested in reading more of his story and donating, please click the link)

And be sure you're walking on the proper side of the road when you're out walking - especially on a busy road - and teach your kids which side of the road they're supposed to be on. Their safety (and yours) depends on it.

Obviously, this boy's mama didn't teach him.