Monday, February 18, 2019

Why Bail Bonds?

Why is a bail bond the best way to bail someone out of jail? Thankfully the only knowledge I have about bail bonds is what little I've picked up reading Janet Evanovich's Stephani Plum series. Obviously, that's not much, so I thought I'd share the following information: Bail Bonds
Finding out that a loved one is in jail is never easy. You need to look at the best way to get a person out on bail. With bail bonds Stroudsburg PA residents find that it’s the easiest solution. Why?
  1. It’s Fast - You can get a bail bond quickly. A bail bonds company will walk you through the process of getting a bond as soon as you know what the bail has been set for. Many bond companies are open seven days a week. It ensures that you can get a loved one out of jail so that they don’t have to sit there any longer than absolutely necessary.
  1. It’s Affordable - When bail is set, you have options. You can pay the whole bail amount on your own and wait for the refund from the courts, or you can get a bail bond. It’s not uncommon for bail to be set at $10,000 or more. Without using a bail bond, you would have to come up with the full amount of bail on your own. Many people find this to be cost prohibitive. Bail bonds are, typically, set at 10 percent of what the bond is for, which could mean as little as $1,000. It’s more affordable, allowing you to get a loved one out of jail faster.
  1. It Allows You to Move On - When you pay a bail bond, you’re done. You don’t have to wait around for all of the court proceedings to wait for the rest of your money to be returned to you. While you won’t get a refund on the bond, it’s the easier solution. If you were to front all of the money, it could take a year or longer to get it back.
As soon as you find out that a loved one is in jail, consider how you’re going to help them. Talking to a bail bond company may be the best solution all around.