Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How Disgusting Does it Have to Get?

When we got Tillie, and put the litter box in the bathroom, it became Beth's job to take care of the bathroom.  I pretty much stopped going into that bathroom at all.  And sometimes Beth cleans up the bathroom, but only when she's told to do it - and then she does a real quick job that can't really get the bathroom clean.

In between cleanings things can get pretty disgusting with cat litter everywhere - neither one of the kids who use that bathroom think to sweep it up, without being told.  Besides the cat litter, there's toothpaste, hair, and other gunk in the sink - and no one thinks to rinse it out or wipe it up.  And the tub?  It needs scrubbed, majorly.  I wouldn't want to take a shower in there, but again, it never occurs to Beth that it might be time to clean.

I'm sure she's just hoping I'll give up on her and waiting to see how disgusting it can get before she decides to take care of it - and clean it myself.


  1. Ewww, and I thought sand sticking to my feet in the boys bathroom was nasty. :P

  2. You're lucky you have a separate bathroom! I have to put up with clearing up after mine day after day as we only have the one :(


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