Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm Looking at Cheap Glasses from Zenni Optical

I keep meaning to order some glasses from Zenni Optical.  I've mentioned them before - the site where you can order eyeglasses for as little as $8.  Considering I don't usually get away without spending at least $300 when I buy glasses, the low cost Zenni Optical offers is really hard to resist.  Last year Jeffrey, Cory, and I all got new glasses.  We ended up getting them at Walmart and Sam's Club, and not necessarily looking for the best deal because, for the first time ever, we had vision insurance.  So, at least part of the cost was covered by insurance, and we got the rest back by using our FLEX plan, or whatever they call the health care savings plan.  We did have them note our PD (pupilary distance) on our prescriptions when we had our eyes checked, so we'd have all the information we need to order glasses online, so we could maybe get a second pair.

I haven't been entirely happy with the glasses I picked out, so I'm thinking it just might be time for that 2nd pair.  Oh, I can see fine, and they look nice, but I feel like I've had these adjusted so many times and just can't get them to feel right.  But there's no way I want to go spend a couple hundred dollars just to get a new pair, so I'm seriously thinking it's finally time to try some from Zenni Optical. 

My brother was just asking the other day if we had ordered any yet, because his glasses broke, and he needed a new pair.  I said no, but I do know of people who have ordered and love them - even better than the glasses they got from their local eyewear place.  (Drew of for one)  I also just read this completely unpaid review by Eric Hammer, where he most definitely recommends Zenni Optical for cheap eyeglasses.  He's been buying all his glasses from Zenni for the past 8 years and never been disappointed.

With Zenni it really is possible to get quality eyeglasses for a reasonable price.  How do they do it?  They manufacture their own frames and sell directly to the consumer, eliminating the middleman.  They don't sell designer or name brand frames.  Also, they don't have a huge advertising budget, relying mostly on satisfied customers to spread the word.  There are additional charges for bifocals, photochromatic lenses, or higher indexed polycarbonate lenses, but I can tell you those charges are substantially less than what they charge at Walmart or Sam's. Just getting polycarbonate lenses at all costs about $80 at Walmart, and they're included at Zenni.

Every order comes with:
  • High quality stylish frame
  • Thin and Light 1.57 index lens
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Full UV protection
  • Lens edge polishing and beveling
  • Quality Hard Eyeglass case
  • Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Zenni Optical's Guarantee
What do you think of this pair?

Shipping is $4.95 no matter how many pairs you order, so I need to find some I like (maybe these - they're $9.95) and then get Jeffrey and Cory to pick some out, too - because we might as well order them all at the same time.  
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  1. I did order some, and I got them this past Wednesday. The glasses seem fine, and look nice. The biggest complaint that I have is in regards to sizing. There is no way on the site (or at least I couldn't find it) to search by any particular dimensions. I could not find any that had ear pieces as long as I had before, which means that my new glasses have short ear pieces. Perhaps some of the more expensive glasses have larger sizes (mine where $12.95), but I didn't look at them.

    I can see, and I rarely wear them more than just at night and first thing in the morning. With that in mind, it's not really a big deal that they are a bit small. Anyway I look at it, they are less expensive than even the basic frames (lenses not included) where I got my eyes checked.

  2. While I really like my Zenni Optical glasses I do have to say that the ones I ended up paying much more for are the ones I prefer wearing, they are lighter and I feel guilty not wearing them especially after spending so much on them. I still wear the Zenni ones from time to time though. I may order some new ones soon. Thanks for the link.

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