Monday, March 22, 2010

How Often Do You Change Your Sheets?

I change the sheets on our beds every two weeks.  One week (this week) I change our sheets, and the next week I have the kids strip their beds so I can wash their sheets.  I guess I could do them all at once, but I like to alternate so I don't have too much extra laundry at a time.  There always seem to be enough clothes - how do these kids wear so many clothes in one week, anyway? - without adding sheets from 3 beds.

I'm not asking just because I'm changing our sheets today, though.  Changing the sheets reminded me of something Jeffrey heard on the radio a while back.  Apparently, there are places in the world where people change their sheets 3 times a year.   This must have been the article they were referencing.

3 times a year?  Really?  Who would actually admit that?  And, say you only changed your sheets 3 times a year - how would you decide when it was time?  I have a hard enough time keeping track of whether it's the week to change my sheets or the week to get the kids' sheets, but at least I know it's time to wash somebody's sheets every week.

Whether it's every week or 3 times a year, I'm sure there are as many opinions about how often you should change your sheets as there are about diets that work and diets that don't.  So tell me - how often do you change your sheets?
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  1. so if you wash the sheets every other week, do you do the same with your pillow case? Those have to be washed weekly from hair and face oils for us.

  2. I wash our sheets every week and all of our quilts and blankets once a month. Growing up, my mom washed sheets every 2-3 days.

  3. Hi.....I wash the sheets every week, but I have a friend who changes her sheets every 2-3 days which seems to me to be excessive. I do change the pillowcases every couple of days though. :)

  4. I change mine every 10 - 14 days... I love the smell of fresh sheets and always sleep well that night.

    I can't imagine changing them just 3 times a year, that's revolting!

  5. I hadn't really thought about the pillow cases and always just change them with the sheets. However, since some of you brought it up, I'm thinking I will start washing those every week. Mine isn't bad, because I usually wash my face before bed, but my husband's not so good. Those darn hair and face oils!

    So, thanks for the comments. I learned something.

  6. in the summer every 2-3days and in the winter once a week..and i change my duvet cover once a week..i have 2 cats that sleep with me everynight so it keeps the cat hair to a minumum...
    they say if you sleep in the buff you should change your sheets more often...makes sense really


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