Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gotta Get Away

I just watched a commercial for vacations.  Yes, I know, I usually don't pay any attention to commercials, so I'm not sure why this one caught my attention.  Maybe it was the scenery and the gorgeous beaches and the people obviously having a great time.  Ah, yes, one of those vacations would be nice.

It won't be happening anytime soon, with work and a kid in school, and Jeffrey and I still haven't figured out where we want to go for the 25th anniversary get-away we're planning to go on, never mind anything in the meantime.  I'd love somewhere with a beach, but Jeffrey doesn't get too excited about beaches - and he'd need to get crackin' with the fitness equipment between now and then, big time.  Hey, I'd feel better about hitting the beach if I hit that equipment myself.

Maybe we should just go to Alaska?  No need for toned beach bodies there.

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