Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Almost Pool Weather

Happy first day of Spring!  It's supposed to be 80° today - more like perfect Summer weather.  I remember days like this when the kids were still in school.  They'd come home at the end of the day asking if we could please go swimming.  Of course, for us that would mean packing everything up and heading to the beach on the lake a few miles up the road - because we don't have a pool.

There are times I know I would love to have a pool.  It really would be much simpler just to get everybody ready and head out back to get wet - instead of having to load everything in the van and head out, hoping we don't forget anything.  On other days I'm happy enough not to have a pool, because I'm pretty sure a pool boy doesn't come with it!  Jeffrey doesn't like to swim (yeah, I know - what's wrong with him?) so he wouldn't want to be responsible for taking care of a pool.  The kids would most likely have just wanted to enjoy it - so that would leave me taking care of it.

Sure, I could do it, though it would probably take a bit of learning because I don't know the first thing about taking care of a pool.  The only thing I've ever done with a pool is swim in one!  I'd probably be spending plenty of time on the Pool Supplies Superstore website just familiarizing myself with all the stuff I'd need, from the pool cover to the filter to the cleaning accessories.  They have all the top name brands in pool supplies at discounted prices, and I could order whatever I need and have it all shipped FREE to my house.  They even have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you get the wrong stuff, you can always return it, or if you find a lower price within 30 days, they'll refund the difference!  At least that part would be simple... 

On days like these, I start thinking that it really would be nice to have a pool.  Where I won't really pack up and head to the beach by myself, I would definitely go out and slip into the pool if only I had one in the back yard.


  1. It's been pond weather here. The kids, and I'm pretty sure your brother, have been into it.

  2. We could have a pool ill help


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