Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers
Last weekend, I was flipping through the channels on dish televsion/ . I came across a movie that was starting, so I ended up watching it. The movie was called, “the Raven”. It was a dark film about a man that comes back from the dead. The filming style reminded me of the movie “Sin City” or Gotham City on “Bat Man”. The weather was terrible and everything was dark. Anyway, I liked the movie, but it was not my favorite. I thought that I had remembered something bad about the movie, but I couldn’t remember what. I got on the internet and looked up the movies. What I thought that I remembered was actually true. The protaganist, played by Jason Lee, was actually shot during the making of the film. A bullet, that was thought to be a dummy bullet, hit him in the chest. It turns out it was a live bullet and he ended up dying from his injuries. That is really sad. It makes the movie that much more dark than it was before.

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  1. The movie you saw on television was "The Crow". The movie "The Raven" is in theatres now and stars John Cusack.


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