Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bursting at the Seams

I can't believe it's already Thursday.  How does the week go by so fast?

We've been keeping busy around here, and we have a houseful.  Not only did Beth, Tim and Jason move in last weekend with their two cats, but Cory is home on Spring Break this week.  I guess it's a good test of how we're all going to fit into one house.  Beth and Tim put some of their stuff and furniture in storage, but they still seemed to bring a lot of stuff with them.  When Beth moved out, it was just mainly her and her clothes, which all fit in her room.  She did have some toys and stuffed animals and other stuff she boxed up and stored downstairs - and that was part of the stuff she went through and got rid of all the extras she really didn't need to keep before she moved in.  The back storage room in the basement was looking better for a bit, but now it's all cluttered up again.  I think more stuff either has to go or needs to go into storage with the rest of Beth & Tim's stuff.

Before Beth & Tim moved in, we moved Cory downstairs.  So when he's here, he kinda has his own apartment.  Well, at least he has his own room and bathroom, and he can use the basement to watch TV, play video games, or whatever.  It's more like a living room down there now, because Beth brought some of her furniture, so that's all down there, along with the TV they got right after Thanksgiving.  It's nice that we have that extra living space so hopefully we won't end up on top of each other while they all live here.  Cory's at school most of the time, except for the weekends he comes home, and he'll be gone most of the summer - so Beth & Tim can hang out downstairs if they need to get away from us, or we need them to just go away for a while.

The cats are gradually getting used to each other.  The first couple days our cats just spent the whole time hiding out, but they've been coming out more often, and there's not quite as much hissing and growling.  I think Weasley will enjoy having somebody to play with, since Tillie never wants to have anything to do with him.  Tillie, of course, would rather be the only cat in the house - but she's already used to having Weasley around, even though she doesn't like having him around.  Maybe Weasley will leave her alone now that he's got somebody else to chase around the house.  I give them a few more days...  For now they're getting closer and sniffing noses, all the while keeping an eye on each other.  Beth's cats have pretty much decided they live here, and one of them usually ends up on the bed with us at some point in the night.  I'd rather wake up with my cat next to me, but Weasley is usually there, too - not too close, but he's not complaining too much - so we'll see.

Oh, and along with extra people in the house, I've been trying to get the house cleaned for the Spring Holy Days.  I've got the freezers and refrigerators done.  Now I just need to get the rest of the kitchen done, and hopefully get the living room done and stove and refrigerator moved out and cleaned around and behind this weekend.  Oh, and the toaster.  Gotta get that all done soon so I can start baking unleavened bread and thinking about food for Passover and the first Holy Day.  So, yeah, I guess I better get busy!

No wonder it's already Thursday.
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