Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Coming Out into the Sunshine

It's fun to see how the warm weather brings everyone out.  This weekend people were out riding bikes, walking their dogs, grilling, riding motorcycles, just generally hanging out outside - and, of course, wearing shorts.  Around here it seems that, when the weather gets above freezing, people just have to wear shorts, even if they're still wearing the winter coats.  I don't really get it, but this weekend - and the rest of this week - it really is shorts weather.  I wore my shorts when I went walking yesterday, and this morning.  (See, this is something I want to remember - March 19th, wore shorts.  Also, took flannel sheets off the bed and put regular sheets on.)

Will this warm weather last?  I guess we'll see.  We have seen snow in April, and these warm temperatures are not normal for this time of year.  Usual high temperatures are in the 40's with lows in the 20's.  Is it time to get out the kohler power washer and wash the deck?  I'm not sure about that, but Jeffrey did get all the deck furniture out of the shed and put it back on the deck.  We had some company this weekend, and the kids spent quite a bit of time out on the deck - and Jeffrey and I have been enjoying our dinner out there the last couple evenings.  We even had grilled steaks and potatoes for dinner last night!  Tonight while we had dinner, we enjoyed watching the neighbor's kites dancing in the sky.  We're definitely enjoying the weather while it lasts - and I doubt you'll hear us complaining if it doesn't end up getting cold again.

If it does get cold?  And snow even?  That's OK, too.  This time of year any cold or snow won't last long.  It's definitely not worth packing up the suitcases or ladies duffle bags and heading for warmer climes!  Considering that while we've been enjoying the warmth and sunshine, it's been cold and snowy in places that are normally warmer than we are, there's just no guarantee that would help anyway.  The weather is just plain weird!  Hopefully 80° days in March won't mean unbearably hot summer days - or I really will be wishing I had a pool, and the rotate & lock above ground pool ladder ne121 by lumio to go with it!  Either that, or the guys will be wanting the air conditioner turned on, and I'll be freezing in July - and wishing for March weather!