Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm Keeping These Feathers

I feel like I'm being pretty good at getting rid of stuff I don't really need anymore, but sometimes it's hard know whether I should get rid of something or keep it.  You know how you don't wear something for years, get rid of it, and then it comes back into style?  Or maybe it's just something that you haven't worn in ages and then, as soon as you get rid of it, a reason to wear it suddenly comes along.  If only you'd kept it...

Anybody remember wearing those feathered roach clips in your hair?  I came across mine in a box last week, and while
there's very little chance I'll ever wear them again, or do anything with them for that matter, I just can't decide to give them away or throw them out.

Maybe there'll be an 80's party or something one of these days, and I'll need them.  Or something.

Besides, hair feathers and feather earrings are a hot trend right now.  Yeah, I know - not exactly the same, but you know what that means?  I can't throw away my old feathers, and I need new ones too.  Or maybe I'll just hang these from a lampshade or something, just for fun.