Thursday, February 21, 2013

No Such Thing as Too Many Books?

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I have been known to say that there is no such thing as too many books.  My son Cory has definitely said that, and I know he believes it.  I'm pretty sure I used to believe it, too.  Not so much now. 

Oh, I still love books, and I want to have lots of books in the house.  But there really is such a thing as too many books, and we had them.  Well, actually we still have them, but they're all getting donated really soon. 

First I started by pulling paperbacks from the shelves and boxing them up - books I think I want to read, someday, but they've been sitting on those shelves for ages, and I haven't read them yet.  I'm sure every single one of those books can be checked out of the local library if/when I am ready to read them.

Once I finished that first box, it was ever so much easier to weed out even more books.  I pulled even more books off the shelves, and then I started going through books that had already been boxed up and stored in the back room.  I found paperback books I read once and then boxed up and even more books that I've never even read, and probably never will.  Then I went through boxes of books that the kids used to read or that I used to read to them when they were really little.  I kept quite a few of those for Beth to go through because I'm hoping she'll enjoy reading some of those same books to her little guy.  I'll probably keep several of those if she doesn't want them because they really bring back memories and have to be keptI need to have some books at my house to read with Jason, too. 

Yes, between me and Cory we still kept a lot of books - probably even too many - but some books are special, and they just must be kept.  Even so, I've got about 8 boxes here to donate.  I wish I'd done it sooner because all those books were just sitting there on shelves or in boxes when someone could have been enjoying them.
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