Thursday, February 14, 2013

What Says Love to You?

Apparently today was all about love - at least judging by all the status updates, pictures and posts on facebook, and all the commercials that have been running on television advertising gifts and jewelry.  And don't forget all those people who lined up at the courthouse to get married today.  I don't really get it.  Not love - I get that.  And marriage.

Lobsters (Photo credit: Foomandoonian)
What I don't get is all the emphasis and stress on this one day - like this is the most important day of the year for any relationship.  There must be something wrong with the relationship if your significant other doesn't make some kind of grand romantic gesture on this particular day, like sending 2 dozen red roses or having live lobsters Shipping in for a special dinner. (Is that romantic?  I read a book recently where the husband had lobster delivered every year on their anniversary.  I wouldn't want to see or eat those things, but it was a tradition they had.  The marriage was a bit screwed up, but I don't think it was the lobsters' fault.  Also, how about that?  Having lobsters shipped to anywhere isn't just a fictional book thing; you can really do that.)

It's not just Valentine's Day that I don't get.  It's birthdays, anniversaries, and pretty much any other 'special' day.  I mean, sure it's fun to mark our anniversary every year and to give Jeffrey a hard time about getting old on his birthday, but lots of times I forget my own birthday unless someone else brings it up. (With facebook now it is pretty hard to forget.)  I really don't expect anything from my husband.  Maybe a card.  I know he loves me.  Every day.  Or most of them, anyway.

And if we did care about Valentine's Day, we'd have to celebrate a day or two later - because why pay full price for the the chocolate or special Valentine's gifts when everybody knows full well they'll be marked down the next day.  I know he loves me more when he doesn't buy me something at full price.

What says love to you

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