Sunday, February 17, 2013

Someplace to Move TO

Not only have we sold our house here, but we've also found a house to move to.  We close on this house March 15, and then we're supposed to close on the new one March 22.  So, we'll only be living in Jeffrey's apartment for about a week - depends on when we can get our stuff delivered and start moving in, but hopefully early the next week.

We had found another house we liked, and the price looked really good.  The only problem was that it is a short sale (which, to me, sounds like you should be able to get into it really quickly, but it's not) so they wanted us to commit to buying the house, but then we'd have to wait 90 days to find out for sure if we were going to get it or if we'd have to pay more if we still wanted it.  Sure, Jeffrey has the apartment until the end of April, and we could probably have extended that a month if needed.  It would have been real cozy - just us and our two cats.

But we just didn't like the uncertainty of the deal, and there was another house right across the street, one that Jeffrey had looked at early on and that I had looked at and liked when I looked after the Feast.  Jeffrey had the realtor check, and the sellers were willing to lower their price quite a bit if we could close in 5 weeks.  So, we decided to go with it.  I think it's going to be a nice house for us.  It's not quite as big as the short sale across the street, but there are only the two of us and the cats, and there will be plenty of room.  We didn't really need the extra room.  It's hard to remember that we don't have kids living here and all their friends coming over and hanging out.

When I went looking at houses after the Feast, I saw one house that I absolutely loved.  If we had been in a position to buy then, I would have wanted that one.  Except that it was a perfect house for a family with kids - a house for teenagers to come over and hang out in.  There were plenty of bedrooms, a nice deck with a pool, and great space for watching movies and hanging out in the basement.  And yes, I really liked the kitchen.  But it really was more house than we need.  I hope some nice family bought it.

This one, though.  This will be really nice for us.  We'll have at least as much room there as we have here - so it's not like we're downsizing really - except for the yard, but that's true for pretty much every single house we've looked at.  The kitchen has a really big island with tons of cabinet space and a large pantry, which I really liked.  Yes, the kitchen is the most important room in the house.  We'll also get a fireplace, which we've never had, and a jetted tub and double-bowl vanity in our bathroom.  Jeffrey has wanted that double-bowl vanity for ages.  There's also a great guest bathroom with a double-bowl vanity - so feel free to visit!

The best part is that I'll get to live with my husband again!  And, while he won't be walking to work like he's been doing these past few months - no excuse not to since he was living right across the street from work - he will be only 5 minutes from work, so we'll be saving all kinds of money on gas. 
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