Thursday, October 14, 2010

Learn More About High-Tech Careers

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Do you have a student thinking about college but not quite sure what to major in or what kind of job opportunities will be waiting after college?  I know we could have used some guidance last year when Cory was trying to figure out what he wanted to do with himself after high school.  He's a smart young man who got good grades throughout high school, and he could probably do anything he wanted to do.  Unfortunately, he didn't have much guidance through his school, and as his parents, we didn't really know what to do to help him.

It may not have made a difference, but I wish I'd known about ATETV. It's a free web-based video series that highlights the vast array of high-tech careers available in the fields of Math, Science, Engineering and Technology.  It's a great way for students and parents to find out about Advanced Technological Education (ATE) - the community and 4-year college programs available, and high-tech careers available.  There are many videos available that showcase all kinds of different aspects of technology and real job opportunities in a vast array of emerging, high-tech fields such as underwater robotics, laser technology, aviation mechanics, wind-farming and high-tech agriculture.

These free videos were produced with a grant from the National Science Foundation to attract young people into the Science, Engineering, Math and Technology fields.  The United States Labor Department says that the demand for technical based educated employees in the United States will be far greater in the future than the numbers of students being trained today.  Meaning, students who train for these high tech jobs today will be pretty much guaranteed jobs in the future.   If you've got a student struggling to decide what he wants to be when he grows up, I'd strongly suggest checking out this site.  Who knows - the perfect future career may just be highlighted in one of these videos, and ATETV can connect your student with the right training program. is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and is completely free.

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