Monday, October 25, 2010

Mini-Blinds Again

Jeffrey was a bit confused when he told me that you could see out of the screens on our new windows but couldn't see in.  Not true.  I think whatever he read about the screens just means that you really don't see the screens when you look out the windows - unless you get up close.

So, we were thinking about getting rid of the mini-blinds, but it looks like we'll be putting them up again.  We did get some new curtains for our bedroom and for Cory's.  We got some insulated panels that are supposed to block out 99% of the light and also help save energy by keeping the cold out.  Those ought to be fine for winter, because we can keep them closed most of the time, but when summer comes we'll have to be able to have them open - because I want fresh air moving through the house.  So we'll need the blinds so we can raise them to let the air in and still cover most of the windows - both to block light and for privacy.

Before they can go back up, I need to see if I can clean them, and Jeffrey will have to re-install the brackets to hold them.  So they won't go up for a while.  In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for something better than mini-blinds or how to live without them, let me know!
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