Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Miss Me?

We just got back from spending a glorious 10 days with a great group of people. Our days (and nights) were filled with fellowship, food and drink, seminars, services, fellowship, service projects, dancing, hiking, fellowship, late night brisket, Double Hearts, limited Internet access, talent and fun, and more fellowship.  There was also lots and lots of music for those who like that kind of thing - and there were plenty!  Anyway, it was a great Feast of Tabernacles, but it's over, and it's time to get back to real life.

We got home Sunday afternoon, unloaded the van, and then I had to take Cory back to school.  It was nice having him with us - even though he was always busy with his friends, and we didn't get to see him much.  Now he's back to being a college student.  And I'm just trying to get caught up - unpacking, laundry, etc.  There's the whole mess from packing to go combined with the mess of all the stuff that came home with us along with the mail that piled up while we were gone.  Is it possible to ever catch up?  I also need to get the pictures off my camera. 

Hopefully I can get myself back to blogging regularly, too.  I have a giveaway post I need to get put together - and you're really going to want to see that one.  I may just have to give up on the catching up thing, sit down, and make myself do it - while ignoring everyone else's pictures on facebook.  I wonder if they just skipped unpacking and laundry and went straight to the pictures?