Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Dry Skin and Zits

For some reason, while we were gone, my face got really dry.  It seemed like no matter how much moisturizer I put on it, it was still dry.  It just soaked up the moisturizer and wanted more.  It's not like we were in the desert or it was winter.  Actually, usually my hands get really dry in the winter, but my face isn't too bad.  I can't recall my face ever being that dry - except for that time I started using a Sensitive Skin cleanser that dried my face out so bad it hurt.  This time I wasn't using anything different from what I normally use at home.  Maybe it was the water there?  Except we went there last year, and I don't remember the same thing happening, so who knows.

Also, even though my face was super dry, it was still breaking out in odd places.  Yep, dry skin and zits all at once.  Not only do I need a good moisturizer, I also need to figure out what acne lotions work best, without drying out my skin even more.  Hopefully being back home will help things get back to normal without too many changes. 

I am thinking of trying a new moisturizer, which I saw on GMA this morning, but I'm having a hard time finding it on their site right now.  Did anybody see that segment?  It was from Olay, I think.

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  1. have the same thing going on! was it something we ate? the water? who knows!



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