Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Jeffrey and I went to the Surgery Center this morning.  He got checked in, had his blood pressure and temperature taken, signed consent forms, changed into that super cute hospital gown and slipper socks, had an IV inserted, and then, the power went out - remember those high winds?  The back-up power came on so we weren't completely in the dark, but they only run limited things on back-up power.

So we waited.  And we waited.  Somewhere along the line a nurse poked her head into the room and said the doctor was on his way to talk to us, but we never saw him, and we waited some more.  Then the power came back on, and the nurse came back in to say that the doctor wanted to reschedule.  What?

So she tracked the doctor down, and he finally came in.  He was trying to figure out how to re-shuffle things, when the power went out again - meaning today was not going to happen.  If they're in the middle of a procedure when they go to back-up power, they'll go ahead and finish, but they won't start one.  So the doctor rescheduled him for tomorrow morning at the hospital.  Three hours of waiting, no surgery, and Jeffrey was starving because he hadn't had anything to eat since last night.  So we went and got something to eat and then went to Sam's Club to get some stuff, and tomorrow we'll try this again.

It's still supposed to be windy tomorrow, but hopefully the hospital will have better power or a better back-up system.