Friday, June 19, 2009

At Least I Had the Social Security Number

Cory and I went to the DMV yesterday to get his driving permit renewed. It expires today. We got there, got in line, but weren't sure which form to fill out. He went ahead and started filling one out with all his info, but he didn't have his Social Security number, and he doesn't have it memorized. Being the good mom I am, I had that in my purse. So, we got up to the counter only to find out that we needed the paper that shows he completed the driving portion of drivers ed. That I didn't have in my purse. So, we drove all the way there and couldn't do what we came to do. I hate when that happens.

Still, we made the best of it, going to Walgreens for milk and free body wash, wandering around Kmart where we found a patio furniture set we both love, getting some groceries (Johnsonville Bold Beef Hot Links!, and lunch meat and lettuce and bananas) and stopping at McDonald's for an Iced Mocha (♥!), large fries, and a Sweet Tea.

We had fun, and I found the paper we need when we got home, so we'll just have to go back and try again next week. Cory just won't be able to drive until then, after today, that is.

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  1. Chance for another iced mocha, large fries, and sweet tea!! :))
    Love you!


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