Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why Exactly Were We Waiting on Facebook?

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If you've got a facebook account, chances are you heard that you could start choosing your own username Friday night. That means that instead of a randomly assigned number to identify your profile, you can have your username as part of the facebook url. I didn't stay up Friday night to grab mine, but Saturday morning I went ahead and registered one for myself - It's my name, it makes it easier to link to my facebook profile, and now no-one else can use my name for her facebook profile.

However, the whole rush to get a username on facebook got me to thinking - why exactly were we waiting for Facebook on this? Those of us with registered domains could have been linking to our facebook profiles all along, like this: - but for some reason I didn't even think of it. Actually, I don't share my facebook profile with everybody, so that's why I didn't think of it. I basically use facebook to connect with people I actually know, in some way or other - old school friends, family, church friends, blogging friends, and I've never actually linked anyone to my profile until now.

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But, if I had thought of it, I could have gone in and set it up any time I wanted to. I simply went to my Domain Manager at GoDaddy and in the Subdomains box clicked 'add' and filled in all the info. I called the subdomain 'facebook' and told it to forward to my facebook profile. I also enabled Masking and gave it a title, description, and keywords. In a few minutes it was active and forwarding right to my facebook profile.

Does it really make a difference now that facebook offers usernames? I'm not sure quite yet, but it's one of those things - once I think of it, I just have to try it. Let me know what you think.


  1. You make everything sound so easy.

    I got my facebook name about 12:20 yesterday morning, but my name was gone already. In twenty minutes. I ended up having to go with jenn instead of jennifer, but that's okay, because I prefer jenn.

  2. That's very clever of you I would not have thought of that at all.
    I have two Facebook accounts, as well as almost everything else, because of the two names. I had thought to keep blogging friends and others apart but now I wish I had never has a pseudo nom it makes things more complicated.

  3. I never thought of doing that either! I was surprised on Sunday afternoon that I could get It's such a common name, I was sure there would be no combinations left.

  4. I got my facebook user name. I used to have my blog posts on my facebook account, but then I decided to take it off.


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