Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Case of the Missing Backgrounds

Twitter stole my background again! I'm not sure why I keep having problems with this. A while back I didn't have a background at all - Twitter ate it and wouldn't let me upload a new one. After a few days of messing around, I finally got one uploaded, and it worked for quite a while. But that one's gone now, and the original one that Twitter ate is back again. Again. The same thing happened last week, except that time I tried to use a background from twitterbackgrounds.com. The only problem with that was that Twitter wouldn't cooperate. My colors changed, but the background didn't show up. After a little messing around, my other background showed up again. But now it's gone again. Did you follow that?
  1. Twitter ate background 1
  2. After much messing around, I finally managed to upload background 2
  3. Last week background 2 disappeared and background 1 magically showed up again
  4. I tried to use a new background (background 3) which never showed up, but suddenly background 2 came back - again magically
  5. Today, background 1 is back again
Is Twitter trying to tell me something? This makes just as much sense to me as Outer Banks foreclosures.