Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Receipt Surveys

Do you fill out those surveys you get when you check out at the store? It seems everywhere you go, they're asking for feedback, and if you fill out their survey withing 48 hours you'll be entered into a drawing for a gift card or something. Usually I ignore them, or just plain forget about them until my time is up, but we got one last week that I thought was worth the time. Jeffrey and I went to the mall and had dinner at the food court. I got this Szechuan chicken that was actually hot and spicy (Yay!) - so I needed some milk. Jeffrey went to Arby's and got me a milk - 70¢ for a little carton of milk is pretty ridiculous, but it was good. On the back of the receipt was an invitation to fill out a survey, not for a chance to get something, but for an actual code to get a FREE Beef & Cheddar sandwich. So, Jeffrey tried to go online and fill out the survey, and was told that that location was no longer accepting surveys. Then he tried calling the number to actually talk to someone, and they hung up on him! Talk about rude - they ask for feedback, he wants to give it to them and get the free sandwich they offered, only to find out they aren't taking feedback. Why did they even ask/offer in the first place? Very frustrating!

I did just complete a survey for Sears, even after the frustration with Arby's. Jeffrey and I were at the mall in the first place to see if we could find him some dress pants, because he needed them, and because Sears has that promotion going on - if you buy $50 or more of mens pants, jeans, breeches, you get a $50 Sears card to spend on other mens apparel. So we found him 2 pairs of pants on clearance for $24.99, which of course only added up to $49.98 and didn't quite hit that $50 mark, so we had to find something else too. Luckily they had some light black jeans on clearance for $10, exactly what Cory has been looking for - so we grabbed those. Yes, over $50 in clearance pants and jeans, and they qualified for the promotion! I mailed my rebate yesterday. And today I filled out their survey, because they actually gave me 7 days to get to it, and we could win a $4000 Sears gift card. I could buy a lot at Sears for $4000.

I guess it's all about the incentive.