Friday, June 19, 2009

Win One of 5 Blu Prizes

Here's a contest with some great prizes! It comes to you from the BluFrog Healthy Energy drink people, and you can win one of 5 Blu prizes. Choose from a gaming package, a music festival in Chicago, New Years in New York, a stock car driving experience in Orlando, or the winter X Games in Aspen. Wow! Just reading about all the prizes is pretty energizing, and I haven't even tried the drink. Note: if the people from BluFrog are inclined to send me some to try, I'd be happy to. :)

To enter, you just need to leave a comment letting them know which prize you would like to win and why. I am having a problem deciding between the New York package, the Orlando one, or the trip to Aspen. I'd love to get that helicopter ride over New York City, so I'm leaning toward that one. Cory and I just went to New York at the end of March, and it really would be fun to go back. You just can't see everything in 3 days. Then again, I love watching the X Games (I bet some of those athletes drink BluFrog because they have crazy energy!) and I've never been to Aspen, so that one would be great. I'm not so sure about the whole Richard Petty Driving Experience that the Orlando prize is about, but I know someone who lives in Orlando! And I bet Jeffrey would have a great time driving those cars.

It's a tough choice, isn't it? I guess I better decide because, in addition to choosing and commenting, there are two additional ways to enter - Twitter Tweet and Blog Post - for a total of 3 entries per person. I'm hoping that, even though this is a sponsored post, that it'll count. So, eenie, meenie, miney, moe... I choose Xtreme Blu in Aspen.

How about you? What's your choice? Comment, Tweet, and blog to win by 11:59 p.m. EST on July 17, 2009.