Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cory is Officially the Bad Guy

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Cory will be playing Captain Hook in the school musical Peter Pan this year. He expected to get the role, but he still had to try out. Last Friday he told me that he is officially the bad guy. They've had one cast meeting and officially start practice this week. It sounds like there are quite a few people involved this year, and I look forward to seeing how it all comes together.

Cory says he needs to practice sword fighting with his left hand because the hook is supposed to be on his right, but this picture shows the hook on the left. Does anybody know which is right (or left)? I've never seen this musical before and never paid attention in the movies either. I never actually saw any musicals until Jeffrey started running sound and Cory started getting involved in the school musicals. I thought I saw Pirates of Penzance when I was in college, but I only recently found out that it was only excerpts from the musical for some reason. But I didn't know the difference back then, and I enjoyed it anyway.

The musicals and plays are a lot of fun, and I'm always amazed at what they can pull together with so little and in such a short time. I'm sure this one will be no different.
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  1. The 2004 Peter Pan film with Jeremy Sumpter as Pan has the hook on the right hand, though I was in a production of a different play version (not the musical) in which the hook was worn on the left hand.

    I can't imagine it would make a difference; I'd think a director would want the sword in the actor's preferred hand for maximum mobility.


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